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Transparent Human Creatures
London, United Kingdom

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Tabula Rasa

muzo: Igor

muzotoy: Classical Guitar

model: Silent Guitar Nylon Strings - Yamaha - 2012

Favourite show with this instrument:

We played at a small gallery in Waterloo, London at a show that we organized ourselves. We had a great audience, the atmosphere was charged with good vibes, everything looked and sounded perfect. When we played, it seemed like there was a direct connection between my brain and my fingers. Every idea was instantly transformed into good sound. Yes, I played a few bum notes, but it didn't matter one bit.

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He went away for a while and re-emerged playing with a band but he was happiest being his own band and so we get this – and it is an absolute triumph!
A stunner of an album, utterly fresh and Fish sounds as though she is in her element.
The album bears listening to time and again. It really is one of the freshest sounds I’ve picked up this year and I can’t wait to see them live.
The sold out crowd definitely had a special place in their hearts for Joe Bonamassa and from the opening notes of ‘This Train’ they were bopping and boogieing.
Earlier this year Steps announced that not only were they reuniting for their milestone anniversary, but they would be returning with their first studio album since 2012's Light Up The World. With the reception for their fourth studio album having been a little more lukewarm than they would have hoped, the group are determined to ensure that this return is on their terms and has the impact they deserve as one of the highest selling UK acts of all time. Appropriately titled Tears On The Dancefloor, Steps approached the project with a real air of secrecy. While their last project enjoyed the hype of a reality TV documentary launch, the group must be feeling excited that the joy their latest single Scared of the Dark has elicited from their still loyal fans has been on its own merits rather than their raised profile.
This deeply emotive and cathartic rock and soul-searching fifth album from Imelda May is regretful and rueful, a ‘chin up, love’ letter to herself.

Hotel California (1976)


Eagles released their 5th and finest studio album on 8th December 1976 on the Asylum Records label.

The album signalled a change in musical direction triggered by the influences of the latest additions to the band's personnel. Founder member Bernie Leadon (co-writer of Take it Easy, Witchy Woman amongst others) left the band after the tension between himself and Glenn Frey reached its peak with Leadon famously pouring a beer over Frey's head and telling him: "You need to chill out man!". Joe Walsh was added to the line-up of Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Don Felder and Randy Meisner. The addition of Joe Walsh to the relatively recent addition of Don Felder moved the band out of the country scene and into rock n roll.

The title track of the album is the band's most famous and most commercially successful track. The meaning of the lyrics of Hotel California has been the subject of much speculation and interpretation mainly to do with devil worship and the occult. Don Henley himself said that the song was about the loss of innocence, the decadent decline of the American dream and disgust at the excesses of the time. Hotel California - both album and single - reached number 1. The first single released from the album New Kid in Town also reached number 1 and the final single Life in the Fast Lane peaked at number 11.

Drummer and vocalist Don Henley was later to reveal that in his opinion Hotel California was the album where the Eagles peaked; guitarist and vocalist Glenn Frey identified the album as the beginning of the end for the band. The album went on to sell over 32 million copies worldwide. Other well-known tracks on the album include Wasted Time, Victim of Love, Pretty Maids All in a Row and The Last Resort.

Hotel California is still going strong some 40 years after its initial release and is regularly cited amongst the greatest songs of all time.


And still those voices are calling from far away...

Did you know?

Black Sabbath were recording Technical Ecstasy at the same studios in Miami and the recording of Hotel California had to be paused on many occasions as Sabbath were too loud!

The album lost on a Grammy Award for  Album of the Year to Fleetwood Mac's Rumours


The cover artwork features the Beverley Hills Hotel

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